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Grow Your Accounting Expertise With Online Marketing

How to Make Your Accounting Firm Searchable and Visible Online
Can your accounting firm be found by potential clients today?

Thirty percent (30%) of your potential clients are looking for expert accounting services online, while only nineteen percent (19%) are relying on recommendations. They use several techniques in searching for firms, from search engines to social media to online reviews.

Studies have found that clients go through five stages when selecting an accounting firm: Recognising a need; Beginning the search; Picking the contenders; Narrowing the field; And selecting the firm. How do you get your potential clients choose you?
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Get a professional accounting firm website. Your website must have appealing design and copy that precisely target your visitors to consider you as their accounting firm.

You have to display client testimonials on your website, even case studies or industry reports that your potential clients may learn from. Doing this will also de…

Grow Your Accounting Firm with Digital Marketing

Invest Strategically in Your Digital Marketing and Grow Your Accounting Firm Businesses that want to succeed in the digital age need to develop a strong online presence and dynamic digital marketing strategies. This rule of thumb applies to many industries, including accounting.

Thirteen years ago, many accountants and accounting firms didn’t have websites, many popular social media sites didn’t exist, and the idea of developing a strong online identity to foster client acquisition and retention was still in its infancy. Fast track to 2015, and having an up-to-date website is considered the bare minimum for accountants who want to harness digital marketing to capture, nurture, and convert leads, as well as grow their businesses.

Digital Channels Have Diversified Greatly Technology is developing at break neck speed, with digital channels diversifying to a bewildering degree. Increasingly, potential clients are calling the shots — if they’re looking for a new accountant or accounting f…

[Infographic] Let Your Client Flow Increase through Digital Marketing

Here are the Counts for Accounting Firms with Online Marketing Your Potential Clients are Looking for you Online. A recent study has found that more of your potential clients are searching for expert accounting services online than through word-of-mouth recommendations. In fact, 30% of those surveyed have said they are using search engines, social media, local listings and online reviews when looking for accounting firms, with only 19% saying they are relying on recommendations from friends and relatives.

A professionally-designed and accessible website is one of the most significant factors that drive visitors to become leads. To win their trust, you need to give your website an appealing design and convincing copy, and provide them with crucial information that answers their questions about your firm. According to studies, majority of your potential clients (80%) are basing their selection from websites they visit.

However, having a website doesn’t necessarily guarantee more visito…