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Video as a Life Science Inbound Marketing Tool

Most people are visual learners by habit. Most books, handwritten before the time of the printing press, included illustrations and diagrams in order to reinforce a certain idea or theory. The same can be said of today; most media makes use of images to show the goings-on of the world to their audiences, whether in still photography or moving images. Regardless of the form, visual media is an important part of any inbound marketing methodology – even blogs that focus on written content still contains pictures and videos in order to retain a multi-sensory experience for their audience. This adds layers to an already important aspect of science: The need to understand the world as it works. Videos are a powerful tool to increase the likelihood of your content to be seen. The life sciences tend to intimidate the average chap, so they usually understand better if concepts and theories are explained to them in simple terms. You don’t explain how birds migrate for the winter, you simply show…