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The Catalysts Behind Google's Evolution

Google's approach to quality search is, at best, reactive. Updates in algorithms wouldn't have been possible without catalysts. Google's legal tussle with Search King in 2003 is just one of many (where Google won). Below are some search engine feature updates and the reason for their immediate implementation.
Nofollow enables websites to instruct search engines not to follow any links. Google created this feature in response to the vulnerability of online comments to links; something like a back door for excessive linking, which is now frowned upon. When link spamming refused to stop, Google webspam guru Matt Cutts required nofollow for PageRank-compliant links.

Reputation Management: An Asset You Can’t Ignore

“First impressions last,” as the popular saying goes, but this is only partly accurate when applied to the Internet. As far as online users are concerned, all impressions last, and everything that distinguished people and organizations say through Facebook or a blog article will be remembered by everyone for posterity, whether they like it or not. Sadly, events can conspire to give good people a bad reputation, which can certainly sour their relationships online.

Getting Your Pay-per-Click Return on Investment

To know whether or not your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign has paid off, you need to do a little math. There are four formulas for computing PPC return on investment (ROI).
Return on Ad Spending (ROAS)
Ad spending refers to the cost of marketing your goods or services. To get your ROAS…

Choosing your Business Categories Correctly

How many synonyms does the word "HVAC" have? There's heating, heater, air conditioning, air conditioner, ventilation, cooling, and ductwork, among others.
Exposure in one category alone won't be enough, especially in a competitive environment. Some don't know the term "HVAC," instead resorting to more understandable terms like "air conditioner" or "heater." If your business isn't categorised in either or both terms, you'll miss out on the potential for growth in your following.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Success

These days, there’s no other more effective way to do business online than to market on social media. Various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are helping companies large and small conduct their huge business by connecting them to a great number of people online. If you’re planning to immerse yourself in this relatively new, but already thriving type of marketing, here are some tips for you to keep in mind.
Don’t believe that you should be on every network
You don’t have to be active on every social network. What you need to do is focus on the network most relevant to your target audience, and pour your time and effort in these channels. This is not saying that you should ignore other networks completely; simply focus first on the sites that your target audience is likely to use.
Do post videos and images whenever possible

One thing that successful social media marketers have in common—they share videos and images extensively. However, these experts aren’t jus…

Simple Tips to Drive your Content Marketing

Hire an SEO company with all the online marketing tools already at its disposal. That’s a sure way to drive content marketing that is competitive and effective. One of the most powerful techniques that these companies use is search engine optimization (SEO). However, don’t just let your SEO firm do all the job; instead, you should try these strategies as part of your own content marketing strategies:
Make your customers understand
Make sure that the content you’re putting on your website is neither too complex nor too simple for your target audience to understand. The former alienates them, while the latter insults them. Focusing your content quality on something that your readers’ literacy level can reach makes it readable and even enjoyable.
Choose your voice
The voice in your content describes the personality of your business. Are you professional and stiff, friendly and informal, or somewhere in between? You can differ your tone and voice for each piece of content depending on how you…

Pointers to Drive your Social Media Strategy with Facebook as Platform

Even if you know all about marketing your business online, you will still find social media marketing a challenge because many of the marketing techniques you learned won’t apply to such platforms.

Take Facebook for instance: people don’t really go there to sell things, but to interact with others, to read news about everyday life, to connect with friends, and to share things about themselves. So how do you drive your social media strategy on Facebook?

Must-Know White Hat SEO Tips

When it comes to search engine results, everyone wants to be number one. Of course, different people have different means of achieving this goal.

Some may use devious tactics to trick search engines into ranking their sites highly. While this might yield results in the short term, search engine algorithms have become so sophisticated that they can weed out spammy webpages before long and banish them from search results altogether.
If you want to improve your online visibility, be sure to do it using only white hat SEO techniques—strategies that search engines themselves approve of. To give you an idea what these techniques are, here are three must-know tips:
Care about Quality These days, search engines prioritize content that is relevant to readers. If your business maintains a blog, be sure that your content doesn’t just hawk your products or services—it should also be informative and useful.
Watch those Keywords! SEO, for the most part, is still keyword-centric. However, don’t stuff you…

Why Your Business Should Join the SEO Bandwagon

Hiring an SEO agency should be a no-brainer in these days of high Internet popularity. Getting a lot of people to learn about your business is key to gaining customers and increasing your profits. Here are some of the benefits that come with having an SEO company on call.

Great results at a low cost – Compared to other marketing strategies, optimizing your website is the more affordable option. You don’t pay a cent every time someone clicks on an ad or shell out money for blog mentions. It keeps on going after the initial investment and continues doing its job for a long time.Parity with the competition – Everyone’s using SEO nowadays, from the large companies to smaller firms. To keep up with your rivals, you’ll need to do the same as them; even better, stay ahead of the game.  It boosts your online reputation – People trust Google and seeing your firm’s name at the top of or near the top of any search list is a plus to any potential client…

Marketing During World Cup? With Search Engine Consultants, No Problem

Live games are now synonymous with live updates on social media, which means that you have the opportunity to market during a tournament in real time. You need to keep a close eye on social media so you can stay on top of what’s trending and use the information to raise your brand profile in key moments.

If you need help with these aspects, talking to informed search engine consultants from trusted firms like Whitehat may be able to provide you with the information and assistance you need.

Optimizing Videos for SEO

Recent studies have shown that video sharing sites like Youtube have been steadily outperforming sites like Yahoo and Bing in terms of daily search numbers. With this kind of information in mind, it practically makes sense to use such sites for SEO strategies. Here are a few of the benefits one could get from using videos for SEO.
Search engines “like” them
Might sound a bit perky, but yes, search engines “like” videos because they provide potentially relevant and powerful content as written ones. For instance, search engine Google likes to insert videos into their results pages. However, videos aren’t particularly good search engine fodders, but that can be improved. When videos do show up in results pages, they’re always from major sites, such as Youtube and Vimeo, to name a few.  
People can’t get enough of them
A study by Cisco estimates that by 2017, about 69% of all internet traffic will be strictly related to videos – searching for and watching them. This doesn’t even include how …

SEO in London—Stop Twitter Followers from Clicking that Mute Button

Many social media marketing experts recommend sending out as many as 14 tweets a day during weekdays and about half that on weekends. Although this much frequency already sounds annoying, it won’t push your followers to hit mute— not if you make sure that your tweets are informative, engaging, and give your customers what they want.

So how do you know what tweets your customers want to see? This is where the services of a good SEO agency will prove useful. A provider of SEO in London, like Whitehat, can help you develop and manage a custom social media marketing campaign that ensures you will get the most out of your Twitter profile.

Tracking your Online Reputation

Nothing can be worse than knowing that the next big thing going viral over the Internet is a clip of some scathing remarks about your business. Patch up the reputation wound by hiring online reputation management companies, and prevent further explosions from occurring by tracking your reputation online.
Google Alerts
Take advantage of Google Alerts to warn you of impending danger. The program works by notifying you if any new result comes up about a query or keyword you type into the system. This service can track everything from blog posts to videos and even news articles. Keep posted and upgrade your reputation management strategy accordingly.
Google Blog
Google also has a handy tool that lets you browse through varying blog posts that might have your business name written in red ink all over it. Since most people posting negative comments will do so through blogs, this is an invaluable tool for you. Use this by placing your URL and keywords into the Google Blog search bar and look at …

Ethical SEO Services Boost Your Google Ranking and Digital Reputation

Knowledge of Google’s SEO guidelines is, thus, necessary to evade such penalties. These days, professional SEO services in the UK are geared towards helping businesses keep up with constantly changing search engine algorithms that dictate the direction of existing and future online marketing strategies.

For instance, an internet marketing agency such as Whitehat SEO Ltd can update a website’s structure to make it more SEO-friendly and likewise ensure that all content on the site will prove useful to site visitors. Meanwhile, Ira Haberman’s article for discusses the sort of SEO practices companies would do well to avoid from this year onwards.