Optimizing Videos for SEO

Recent studies have shown that video sharing sites like Youtube have been steadily outperforming sites like Yahoo and Bing in terms of daily search numbers. With this kind of information in mind, it practically makes sense to use such sites for SEO strategies. Here are a few of the benefits one could get from using videos for SEO.

Search engines “like” them

Might sound a bit perky, but yes, search engines “like” videos because they provide potentially relevant and powerful content as written ones. For instance, search engine Google likes to insert videos into their results pages. However, videos aren’t particularly good search engine fodders, but that can be improved. When videos do show up in results pages, they’re always from major sites, such as Youtube and Vimeo, to name a few.  

People can’t get enough of them

A study by Cisco estimates that by 2017, about 69% of all internet traffic will be strictly related to videos – searching for and watching them. This doesn’t even include how many videos are being shared every hour between millions of users – imagine the mileage that a single clip can achieve within only a few hours.

Good video quality with solid SEO tactics means continuous, steady traffic

Your video’s SEO quality won’t matter if the video’s content itself stinks. Putting in good work yields good results, so inserting a bit more effort into quality can definitely go a long way. 


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