Tips to Improve Social Media Posts and Updates

Social media is a great tool for your business to generate a following. Interesting posts can easily become viral, and followers and likers can easily become customers. Here are some tips to help you improve you social media posts.
Use status updates or tweets to give customers what they want. Evidently people follow your page so they can get something from it, and if it doesn’t contain something they like, chances are they’ll unfollow. Post calls to action, such as contests to win a free coupon, or information about a sale.

Catch the consumer’s attention. Do this by conveying a sense of urgency. Include “for a limited time” or “this week only” to your posts.
Offer followers and online fans exclusive deals. This will not only get you more followers, but will inspire loyalty to your current followers. Encourage your followers to retweet, or share your posts to reach a broader audience. Offer deals that your fans and followers will want when they share your posts.

Update all of your business’ social media sites. Make it a point to update with relevant information on your sites at least once a week. You want your presence to be constantly felt by your target market as much as possible, and having regular posts allows your pages to have more appeal.


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