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Marketing Decisions a PPC Agency Can Help You With

PPC or Pay-per-click adverts are very useful in diverting internet traffic and attracting more visitors to your site. Unfortunately, PPC is also very complex and is quite reliant on proper timing. For example, if your adverts fail to go online at peak hours of internet usage, you won’t attract as many ‘hits’ to your website as you would like.

Fortunately, proper timing and ad management are just a few of the many things that a reliable PPC agency in the U.K. can help you with. The bulk of their work is centred on creating a PPC campaign that suits your needs--everything from timing, to keyword targeting, to remarketing. They can also lend you a hand in certain matters about PPC that you might not have even heard about, like bid pricing and geographic segmentation.

Bid pricing refers to how Google’s AdWords and other search engine affiliates put value on certain PPC adverts at any given time. To put it succinctly, the right bid can secure the space you want on a search engine page, at…

Effective Online Reputation Management Secures a Company’s Bottom Line

What makes managing an online reputation rather daunting is the fact that previously resolved issues may still be resurrected and come back to haunt a business. Fortunately, an online marketing expert such as Whitehat SEO Ltd can track damaging reviews and ensure that positive comments far outrank the negative ones on search engines. In addition, such an internet marketing firm can instil a so-called “reputation marketing” culture within the organisation by educating staff about ethical practices and the finer points of providing great service as a way to win (or win back) customer loyalty.

Indeed, building a solid reputation starts with providing great service. To learn how to make a favourable first impression, uphold a positive public image, and thereby secure their bottom line, businesses can turn to a reliable reputation marketing agency such as Whitehat SEO Ltd.

Getting Your Business on Google's Radar

The average Internet user may not be familiar with Google Places, but that doesn't make this local SEO medium any less important. The user doesn’t even have to go to Google Places to enjoy the benefits of this platform.
Over the years, Google’s search capabilities have greatly evolved and expanded. More than just returning search results, the search engine giant can now provide greater detail to the user, including pinpoint locations of a place being searched for. A query for “restaurant in London”, for example, can generate a Google map layout showing restaurants within the geotagged area.
This won't be possible without Google Places. Businesses who want to specifically direct their customers to their location need to enter their info on Google Places, so that the info comes out on a geotagged search. This practice can give a business, big or small, better web exposure particularly in the local market, allowing a level playing field for everyone.
Listing your business with Goo…

Marketing your Hotel Establishment through a Dedicated PPC Agency

A PPC ad directing to related pages on the website must require intensive bidding for the brand name to ensure the traffic comes to you first and the revenues end up in your hands instead of an online travel agency that just aids in booking rooms.

One benefit of hiring U.K. PPC professionals to run ads for your hotel is that you can have them fine-tune the ads, especially when you are running specific promos. Vikram says a preferred PPC specialist should be proficient in “active management,” where functions such as proper bidding strategies, ad execution, and performance audits on the fly are made.

Making Business Solutions Better with Integrated Google Places U.K.

A business location may become more visible when you mix platforms like Google Places U.K. with additional “ingredients.” Paul Chaney of Practical eCommerce writes on a new development out of Google HQ:

The development can be a boon or a bane to business operators in the United Kingdom. The interconnection of online services in the country already triggers excessive competition among businesses, even in certain counties. However, with the merging of Google Places U.K. with Google Plus Local U.K., you need to maximise its potential with the help of specialists like Whitehat SEO, Ltd.

A Social Media Agency Helps Businesses with Social Network Engagement

Before the Internet came along, word of mouth meant that product opinions came from actual conversations with friends or family, which were then passed around from one person to another. These days, however, people make use of social networking sites to offer their product opinions not only to those they know but to strangers too.

While using social networking sites seems simple enough, one wrong move can spell doom for any business. For this reason, it’s wise to work with an experienced social media agency when planning to use social networking sites for word-of-mouth marketing.

Working with an SEO Company: 3 Key Strategies for Online Retailers

In the UK, it’s been said time and again that online shopping has been increasing in leaps and bounds. One industry which can attest to this exponential growth is the logistics industry. According to the Financial Times writer Jane Wild, many logistics companies are feeling the pressure of the online shopping boom.

With the huge potential of e-commerce, small and start-up businesses can’t afford to get left behind. What their owners can do is to keep up with the changes and take advantage. A good way to start is to work with an established SEO company so they can increase their online presence.

A Skilled SEO Consultant on Maintaining an Excellent Online Reputation

If two friends came up to you and asked if they could borrow €500, who would you rather lend the money to? The person known to settle his debts on time or the person who has a reputation for dodging calls when payback time comes along? It’s an easy decision to make, right?

Ask any experienced SEO consultant and they’ll tell you that your online reputation is just as important as your search results ranking. A brilliant online reputation is difficult to build yet easy to tarnish. That’s why, you should take great care when managing the reviews you receive from customers.

Tips from an Adept SEO Agency to Attract More Readers for Your Content

You’re writing stellar content, yet your reads barely crack a hundred. At this point, you might be wondering what you’re doing wrong. Isn’t that why you’re here now?

First: cheer up! Many writers face the problem of having a small readership. However, you should remember that even large publications started out small, so there’s hope for your blog.

Second: realize that the problem may be on your end; that is, you might not be doing the right things often enough. Don’t forget that mistake-free doesn’t necessarily equate to doing something the right way.

Content Marketing and Other Stellar SEO Services That Boost Ranking

You’ve probably realized that in this Digital Age, owning a business website is now a must rather than a luxury. Unfortunately, simply owning a website isn’t enough to draw in the customers your business needs. According to several studies, 75% of online searchers never scroll past the first search results page; in other words, if you’re not on top, potential customers won’t find you.

Effective Reputation Management for Hotels: Putting Best Foot Forward

Classe’s analysis may resonate with operators of hotels and other types of lodging in the United Kingdom despite market optimism in recent times. A report by hospitality information news portal HotStats showed that hotels in England and Scotland earned more per room; Welsh hotel operators, on the other hand, banked on major local events to attract guests. If you’re a hotel owner or hotelier who’s concerned for the credibility of your establishment, enlist the services of a reputation management company like White Hat SEO to safeguard it and encourage more guests to book with your place.

Enlisting a Reputable PPC Agency to Lead Your Local Promotions Effort

Using other online methods to attract customers to your business is all but second nature to entrepreneurs in Britain. An Advertising Association study reported that the country’s advertising market spending was pegged at £17.6 billion last year, with online advertising efforts accounting for £6.3 billion and £1 billion on mobile ads. When your business is considering other avenues to attract new customers, a reputable PPC agency such as White Hat can help you along.

Choosing the Right Social Media Agency

With Facebook and Twitter dominating cyberspace and catching the attention of almost every consumer, having a social media presence for your business is a no-brainer. If you want to implement a social media marketing campaign but don’t want to lose focus on other important aspects of your business, it would be wise to hire a social media agency to handle it for you. By entrusting it to the experts, you can be sure that everything is done properly and efficiently.

Why Establishing the Business Spot on Google Places UK Listings Works

Every business operator wants their name and their operation out on the map so customers can find them easily.

The United Kingdom’s landmass may not be as imposing as that of some European nations, but it is still easy to get lost finding a business (even in smaller population centres) without proper guidance. On the other hand, a moderately successful entrepreneur may be looking for customers who’ve laboured so hard to find the outlet, hence the need to claim a foothold in the Google Places UK listings with the help of marketing companies like Whitehat.

Money Talk: How Much Should You Pay For Your SEO?

At the end of the day, you run a business that must yield profits. Even small businesses find the need to hire an SEO marketing consultant to boost their presence online. It’s an expense that could give you a worthwhile return on your investment, but it’s an expense nonetheless. Know the going rate to make sure you’re paying a fair price.

Your SEO Company and You: Tips on Writing Reader-Friendly Blog Posts

A blog with the same content type and writing style over and over again will seem dull and robotic after a while, so be sure to keep it varied. By giving them a taste of something new every once in a while, you are keeping your site’s visitors entertained, and the more traffic you get from people viewing your blog, the higher you’ll rank in search engine pages.

If you can, you should also consider hiring a reputable SEO company like Whitehat SEO, Ltd. Always remember that reader-friendly blogs on your website attract search engine crawlers as well as prospective customers.

Simple White Hat SEO Tips

So, you’ve put up your website and all other related online collaterals. What now? Frankly, you can’t just let them sit there in cyberspace to wait for what will come next. You have to make them seen. Fortunately, white hat SEO can do the trick. Focus on on-page SEO. Don’t move on with content creation and social media just yet. Without a solid on-page SEO foundation, everything will be in vain. Make search engines crawl through your page by making it easy to navigate, and making sure that your pages are highly indexable by Google. Doing so will cause pages to rank gradually.

Most Common SEO Misconceptions: Part I

Businesses are continuously testing the waters with new elements integrated and adjusted by Google’s evolving algorithms for indexing and ranking pages. With the propulsive internet marketing technique of search engine optimisation (SEO), most business owners make it a point to understand the process involved in this trend. However, misconceptions still persists; here are some of them: