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Harnessing Key Online Channels to Target Chiropractic Patients

Harness the 7 Key Online Channels to Target Patients Who are Looking for Chiropractors A significant percentage of chiropractic patients are using online resources to locate and evaluate various chiropractors in their area. In a recent survey, chiropractic patients who’d recently visited a chiropractor were asked about the methods they’d used to find and/or evaluate their chiropractor. Fifty-five percent of respondents said they used online resources to find and/or evaluate their chiropractors (this percentage includes respondents who’d been referred). Of these respondents, 100% used at least one online resource, 44% used at least two online resources, and 15% used three or more online resources. The study also outlined seven of the most popular online channels chiropractic patients use. The percentage of respondents who’d used each of the most popular channels is as follows: Google and other search engines (35%) Social media websites (6%) Online doctor directory websites (18%) Chir…

Align Your Chiropractic Office Online Today

Is Your Chiropractic Office Searchable and Visible Online? People should know better than to think of chiropractors as glorified massage therapists. You don’t just work patients to the bone; you also treat and alleviate muscle and tendon disorders. You are the providers of sweet relief. Watch this video: People Use Search Engines to Find Chiropractors When people were asked to think about the last time they searched for health and medical information, as well as doctors or other health professionals… a huge majority (77%) said that they began at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Will they find you online and gain information about the possible causes of their pain? Also, is there clear contact information so that they can get in touch with you for their chiropractic needs? If your clinic is found online, do you provide helpful information about their health to gain their trust? Can they find you on search engines at all? Get a Mobile-friendly Website Here’s a fact that …

Let Your Patients Find Your Chiropractic Profession with Online Marketing

Online Marketing will make your Chiropractic Practice Stand Out Online The use of chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation has remained stable through the years.
Over 19.4 million adults and 1.9 million children have sought for chiropractic help at one point in their lives, according to the National Health Interview Survey, National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).
Can patients find you when they search online?
Patients are increasingly going online to find you. Word of mouth is still a powerful medium, but at the same time, patients are increasingly turning to online channels to look for chiropractors.
According to Spine-Health, fifty-five percent of patients have said they used online resources to find and evaluate chiropractors. Of those who 55% who use online resources, 44% used at least two online resources, and 15% used three or more online resources. What online channels are best for you?
Your Competitors are ramping up their online marketing efforts. According to research…