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Pitfalls that a PPC Agency can Help You Avoid

Some people think that internet marketing is as simple as creating a good-looking website and reaching out to the world via messages and ads. Little do they know, carrying out such “simple” tasks can leave businesses prone to common marketing mistakes—especially when PPC (pay-per-click) adverts are involved. Such errors can be avoided with the help of a reliable PPC agency.
A common PPC marketing errors involves redirecting users who clicked on the adverts to the website’s homepage rather than a specific page. It’s simply a matter of convenience: internet users hate it when an advert sends them to the homepage because they then have to navigate through the entire website to get to where they want to go. Sending them to the website’s contact page is arguably even worse because it sends a somewhat condescending impression to internet users by supposedly “encouraging” them to sign up for newsletters before they can proceed.
Still another frequent mistake website owners commit is failing…

Getting on the Business Map with Google Places

Google’s function as a search engine has distinguished it as one of the most powerful marketing tools businesses can ever utilize. Since many users navigate the Web using this search engine, businesses will certainly want to rank higher on Google search queries. Businesses based in a given area, in particular, will want to appear in local searches that start with “stores near me.”
Thanks to Google’s new Google Places function, local searches for neighbouring businesses are far more convenient than ever before. Anybody who logs on to Places will be treated to a map-like display that reveals nearby businesses as well as other useful information like contact details, website addresses, and even customer reviews. This extremely convenient feature helps consumers find the right stores, or discover retailers that have been hiding right under their noses.

It goes without saying that businesses without a presence in Google Places place themselves at a disadvantage against competitors. While it’…

Assessing the Need for Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the new place where businesses are interacting. Social media interaction is more convenient because communication is made faster. Interesting content gets passed around by people, thus becoming ‘viral’. However without a reliable social media manager or strategy, your plan may backfire. You should first asses why your business needs social media, and how it will benefit from it.

The Need to Expand to Online Ads

Traditional marketing methods remain to persist in the industry, but at the same time, technological growth and development have paved the way for more modern techniques of reaching target markets. The Internet is just one of the latest developments in the world proving how technology’s growth could impact intercontinental entrepreneurial success.
Businesses, no matter its history, size and success would do well to heed to the call of placing their advertisements on the Internet. It is a vast, unlimited marketplace of potential, ideas, and tangible products and services. Practically everyone on the planet is on it, so why should your business be left behind?

Why Small British Business Needs SEO

With the Internet practically becoming an integral component of a majority of UK homes and businesses, there’s no denying the power it holds over the success of one’s business. It reaches an infinite number of potential market, for as long as you know how to utilise it to your advantage, that is.
Whether you’re selling a product or a service, there will be someone demanding and looking for it somewhere on the Internet. This is where the importance of SEO, or search engine optimisation, comes in.