Getting on the Business Map with Google Places

Google’s function as a search engine has distinguished it as one of the most powerful marketing tools businesses can ever utilize. Since many users navigate the Web using this search engine, businesses will certainly want to rank higher on Google search queries. Businesses based in a given area, in particular, will want to appear in local searches that start with “stores near me.”

Thanks to Google’s new Google Places function, local searches for neighbouring businesses are far more convenient than ever before. Anybody who logs on to Places will be treated to a map-like display that reveals nearby businesses as well as other useful information like contact details, website addresses, and even customer reviews. This extremely convenient feature helps consumers find the right stores, or discover retailers that have been hiding right under their noses.

It goes without saying that businesses without a presence in Google Places place themselves at a disadvantage against competitors. While it’s simple enough to sign up for this service to establish a presence on Places, it has to be paired with relevant and useful online content, such as a well-designed website, for maximum effect. Retailers might want to employ a trusted Internet marketing agency that can help put their businesses on the online map.


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