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Journalists: Express Your Content With An Inbound Marketing Sense

The way we view news has changed.

When our grandfathers listened to radio addresses by Churchill and Chamberlain about the state of the war in the rest of Europe, we receive information in real time. Papers like The Daily Mail and The Sun cover news that is as varied as The Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe. Inbound marketing as a whole never even existed, and yet here we are.

The media landscape has had significant changes brought to it, for sure. Newspaper and magazine subscription is at an all-time low. Print media is now being challenged by the speed and timeliness of digital media. Citizen involvement in media and politics is at an all-time high. More people’s voices want to be heard, with social media playing a significant role in public participation.
With the transition from analogue to digital, it has often been asked if self-published writers and bloggers can be considered part of journalism. The role is essentially the same, in that, both brings news and current events to the…

Inbound Marketing Rules: Avoid A Bad Web Design

There is no use denying the impact of online, client-focused inbound marketing in our daily lives. Everything can be found on the Internet nowadays, from networking sites to online shopping and more. In such a visual medium, there can be so much room for error. That is why good design is often an investment worth making, and if you’re lucky, can even serve as a promotional vehicle in its own right.

Websites serve a dual purpose; not only do they provide information, but they also promote your company and brand as it becomes your virtual storefront. An informative, well-designed website will, in fact, attract more website traffic because they serve as a reflection of your company values on the Internet. With the Internet being such a vast resource, it can be what makes the difference between doing good business and doing fantastic business. Long-gone are the days of newspaper subscriptions and cold-calling; now we reach out to the public and focus marketing strategies on them.

In this …