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Elements of Good SEO Content

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an online marketing strategy primarily focused on using certain keywords in website content. Appropriate content with a sufficient amount of keywords can help a company website gain top rankings in search engine results pages and possibly gain potential customers. Aside from using the right keywords, however, very few know the other criteria for good SEO content. Informative quality content and user-friendly techniques are as important as keyword optimisation when it comes to SEO content.

Zooming-in Closely: Making Your Company Visible on Google Places UK

Having their company listed in Google Places UK should be the next step to consider for business owners, especially if they are struggling to come up with leads and falling short of their targets and expectations. As the above excerpt from an article posted on Site Pro News explains, being visible on Google Places not only puts a company on page 1 of the major search engines, it also connects the business to the target market.

Since a business wants to connect with people within its vicinity who want to acquire its products and services, or personally visit the physical store, utilising the online marketing tool will be beneficial. When it comes to getting started with the service, the article also mentions that companies can look for SEO specialists who can hook them up with the Google Plus Local site. It is important to note that not all SEO services are equal; some SEO providers come to the table with something more to offer.…

Awareness Is Part of Reputation Management

For most business owners, reputation management is an integral component of online marketing to maintain their organization’s integrity. Large companies tend to focus on this marketing strategy more so than small businesses. However, this doesn’t mean that small businesses should have reputation management at the back of their heads.

The Advantages of PPC Marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is probably the most effective marketing tool to use to advertise your business online. By providing relevant and high-quality content, search engine giants like Google can put you on the list of their priority results when a search related to your business is made. In effect, potential clients get to view your site first before your competitors’.

Enjoying the Benefits of Google Places

One major goal of marketing is to let people know where they can find you. No matter how interested people are with your products or services, you won’t benefit from any marketing efforts that don’t tell people where you are. For this reason, it’s about time you create a listing on Google Places.

Why Should Small Businesses Hire a Dedicated Social Media Agency?

Starting a small business can be greatly rewarding, but you’ll also face huge challenges in the process. For starters, you have to develop a winning product or service from scratch. When you have a business plan in order, you then have to pitch it to lenders in order to secure capital.

Of course, effective social media marketing is more than just opening a Facebook or Twitter account and posting the occasional update or announcement. After all, there is so much content on these platforms competing for consumer attention, and you’re far from the only company who is leveraging social media for marketing purposes. As such, many SMEs (and even big businesses) hire a dedicated social media agency like Whitehat SEO Ltd. to help them out.

The Right SEO Company for the Job—An Introduction to Google Authorship

Google’s Authorship could be the single most important tool you can use for your SEO efforts. Put simply, Authorship allows online content writers to claim their work while also helping search users find more of the work done by the same author.

By creating a Google Authorship, you’ll be able to establish your authority as an expert in your field, increase targeted traffic to your website, and improve you search results. For a more detailed explanation on what Authorship is all about and how to implement it, consult with knowledgeable SEO companies like Whitehat.

Practicing White Hat SEO by Fending off Shady Black Hat Techniques

Spammers often send out mass comments to multiple sites with links back to their site. Instead of choosing random places to leave comments, you can turn this into a white hat method by selecting forums or blog posts that are complementary to your site and leaving thoughtful comments.

Whatever online strategy you employ, see to it that your SEO provider sticks to ethical techniques. Otherwise, you risk getting your website blacklisted by major search engines. A reputable SEO consultant from a company like Whitehat SEO Ltd. can help you stay on the right path.

Hiring an SEO Agency Can Help Boost Small London Businesses’ Profits

A business can do worse than open up shop in London. As a major financial centre, London can provide a small to medium-sized business a whole lot of customers. The problem is that a lot of other businesses have the same idea and many entrepreneurs can expect a crowded marketplace to hawk their wares or services.

One of the ways a small businesses can compete in the market is to employ the services of a skilled SEO agency, like White Hat SEO and other similar companies. Ruth Richards talks about the advantages of hiring one in an article for the Webseo Analytics Blog.

Effective SEO Services with Small Trades Spur Their Online Presence

Small businesses know that a good SEO campaign is beneficial. A good online presence allows a small business to play with the big boys on a large (and level) playing field and attract traffic towards their website. A good SEO campaign also helps establish the company’s reputation as one of the trusted names in the field.

However, not all SEO stratagems are effective. Black hat SEO marketing techniques are penalised by Google, and will stop at nothing to prevent a business with bad marketing tools from reaching the first page of any search engine results. It is important for businesses to choose good SEO services in London that use legitimate methods to optimise a business website.

A Versatile Social Media Agency for Any Business

Experts in social media optimisation should be well-rounded professionals. A versatile social media agency should be able to cater to your company's specific concerns. They should be able to come up with social media campaigns for any business profile.
And the Rookie of the Year award goes to...
New or starting businesses usually face the dilemma of establishing their brand amidst all the longstanding names in their respective industries. For instance, a start-up organic food company runs against one of the best brands in London. Having an effective social media strategy to introduce your business and highlight its unique qualities to consumers can make all the difference.
How to make mountains out of molehills...
As a small company, you have almost the same challenges as others in your industry. Furthermore, you may want to expand your business. To aid your causes, social media marketing draws the attention of your company's target market and aims to convert these readers into pa…

Why Social Media Matters in SEO

When people want to know more about a product or service, they don’t reach out for the yellow pages anymore. Instead, they just log on to their computers or whip out their smartphones to do a quick Google search.
Business owners have known this fact for years, and many have put up a company website to establish and build their online presence. Just because you have a website, though, it does not mean that searchers will easily find you—you have to be near the top of the results page to capture potential clients’ attention.
For a long time, search engine optimisation companies have allowed businesses to gain maximum visibility in web searches. However, Google—by far the leading search engine in the country—has updated its algorithm to help users find better, more relevant results, and one of the big changes they’ve implemented is incorporating social media into page rankings.

The number of likes, comments and shares your business gets in social media platforms is quite like backlinks—the…

Good Online Reputation Management Helps Affected Businesses Grow Again

Reputation management is a necessity due to the fact that a lot of people can easily generate negative reviews about a certain business on the Internet. A negative review can easily change the mind of the person looking for a service stop and second-guess the decision to take advantage of the products and services offered.

London-based businesses who feel that they have been taken advantage of online should not hesitate to call a trusted online reputation management service to help them negate the effects of these negative reviews. Comprehensive reputation management done by effective services like Whitehat SEO Ltd can help an affected business grow again.

Enlisting a Trusted PPC Agency to help Lock in Customers for your Biz

Seek your PPC agent’s guidance on the AdWorks UK slots you should bid on. The keyword research should continue because you have the time to see which keywords will work on the slots for a better conversion. You can also organise the campaigns to be more variable in time duration– for example, taking down your PPC blitz ads for a Queen’s Birthday sale as soon as midnight ticks in.

Smith notes that mixing PPC with SEO works in a number of ways. For instance: if your PPC ads are meant for attracting customers within a few kilometres of your branch, tune the keywords to target users from say your town city, or county.

Optimising the Title Tag

In the world of SEO, few things are as relevant to a website as a properly optimised title tag. According to pundits, the title tag—the main text that describes the content of an online document—is the second most important on-page SEO element, next only to the overall content. It appears in three key places: external websites, search engine results pages, and browsers. Most modern browsers try to hide title tags, but that doesn’t stop them from being useful to SEO.
Why should you optimise the title tag?
Creating a descriptive and keyword-optimised title tag is vital for increasing rankings in search engines. With that in mind, optimising title tags makes for a remarkably low-effort, high-impact SEO endeavour.
How do you optimise the title tag?
Be heedful of its length. The maximum amount of characters that display in search engine results is 70. It’s best if you limit your characters (with spaces) to this amount.
Place your keywords near the front of the title tag. The closer the keyword …

Elements of a Good SEO Strategy

When it comes to online marketing, search engine optimisation or SEO is an essential strategy that helps your website gain as much traffic as it needs and even more. This tool helps you improve your visibility whenever someone searches for your products or services in search engines like Google. Here are a few simple tips on how to make your SEO efforts efficient.
Market Analysis
Just like when you’re planning to put up a brick-and-mortar store, you should first study your target market and the likely things that could make them visit your site. Sometimes this may mean checking out your competitors’ websites or websites that are similar to yours, so you’ll get a clearer picture of what you would want in your own site.
Keyword Research
Identify the keywords your prospective customers are often using to search for your products or services and incorporate them in your content just enough so that search engine crawlers won’t think it is spam and penalize your site. Don’t just choose keywor…

Saving Google Places in the U.K. from Lies: Reporting Fake Listings

Any local market would’ve been vulnerable, even Google Places in the U.K. You can report and get rid of fake listings by reporting them to Google, namely regarding discrepancies in the location and contact details. In the demonstration, the federal offices’ contact numbers had an area code of 425, which pointed to Seattle, well away from San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Google encouraged public participation in rooting out these fake listings. Limer reported that over 100,000 of these exist for locksmiths alone.

What Effective SEO Entails

Some people, oddly enough, wax nostalgic over the days when they needed to browse through the yellow pages to search for a local restaurant, retail establishment, or service provider. These days, however, the Internet puts a world of information at consumers’ fingertips. One simply needs to type in a concise keyword or search phrase on a major search engine, and within seconds, the search results come back with a list of websites that match the search parameters.
Whenever a customer searches the Internet for a product or a service, so-called search engine spiders or crawlers scan the Web for websites with content that matches the keyword or phrase entered. Unlike the yellow pages that sort businesses alphabetically, search engines rank websites based on overall reputation and relevance. To get to the first page of search results, websites employ an online marketing strategy called search engine optimisation or SEO.
Successful online marketing, in short, entails making sure that a websit…

The Purpose of Reputation Management Services

The Internet provides equal opportunities for startups and established businesses to market their products and services. However, not all of these opportunities lead to positive responses from so-called netizens. Many companies end up with tarnished reputations after negative reviews of their products or services go viral and overwhelm their online marketing efforts.
Fortunately, online marketing companies hold the key to maintaining or restoring a brand’s credibility. Reputation management allows a company with a blemish on its public image to either clear its name or start anew. The idea is to rebuild consumer confidence and balance all the negative reviews with positive stories about the company.
Search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing are two of the most common tools online marketing companies use to help their clients regain a positive image on the Web. By keeping the content of the client’s website positive and relevant, online marketing companies succeed in ge…