Enjoying the Benefits of Google Places

One major goal of marketing is to let people know where they can find you. No matter how interested people are with your products or services, you won’t benefit from any marketing efforts that don’t tell people where you are. For this reason, it’s about time you create a listing on Google Places.

Google Places is designed to help businesses be easily found. This isn’t just a popup that shows your complete address but a map showing your exact location. You can take advantage of this feature by simply creating an account on Google Places for free. Like creating an account on a social site, you’ll be guided through the process by popups.

The thing about Google Places is that the more detailed information about your location you provide, the greater the chance your business will be viewed by potential clients. Therefore, it’s crucial that you provide your complete address, and if possible, some photos of your building or office. This way, potential clients will not only know your location but what your store or shop looks like.

Also, Google Places encourages business owners like you to indicate other important information about your business. Live updates on daily and weekly specials or promos can be posted on your account. This will help Google easily point to your business when a search about a related product is made.


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