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How Real Estate Professionals Build Their Services Online

Market Your Real Estate Services Online Today More and more prospective home buyers and sellers are turning to the Internet to buy or sell homes. Watch this video to learn more: Home Buyers go to the Internet to Find Estate Agents According to studies, 98% of all property searches in the UK are now conducted online. They’re browsing estate agents’ websites, searching the inventories of listing companies, reading reviews, and watching online videos. Will your prospective clients find you when they search for estate and letting agents online? Are there positive reviews about your services online? Get a Mobile-friendly Website Today Your prospective clients aren’t just performing searches on desktop—they’re also using their mobile devices and tablets to access information about residential property. In fact, 56% of people in the UK consume digital media on mobile devices and tablets. New home buyers are most likely to perform the following tasks on mobile devices: 51% read general infor…

How Digital Marketing Build Real Estate Businesses Online

Real Estate Businesses Today Need To Be Visible Online Residential property in the United Kingdom is at a steady growth. According to Property Partner, the market is now valued at more than £5 trillion and buy-to-let transactions add up to more than £20 billion annually. Additionally, urbanisation, the scarcity of land, a growing population, as well as significant local and international demand for residential property in the U.K., have driven prices through the roof. According to the British Property Federation (BPF), residential property is the U.K.’s largest investment asset class, and has developed a reputation for delivering far better returns than more traditional investment assets. Over the past ten years, the performance of residential property in the U.K. has surpassed that of commercial property, with total annualised returns of 9.6% versus 6.9%. While the robust housing market is opening up numerous business opportunities for estate and letting agents, many will miss out o…

Optimise Your Brand's Online Visibility

Our Brand Optimisation Service Can Optimise Your Brand’s Online Presence Better Your brand is probably the best in the world and all of your potential customers should know that! At the same time, you want more revenues. You want more customers. To accomplish this, you need to get more leads. To get more leads, you need to have more traffic. To have more traffic, you need your brand to become more visible online. Watch this video to learn more: Our Brand Optimisation Online Marketing Service Revolution! With our revolutionary marketing research technology, brand optimisation intelligence will be right in front of you on your Brand Optimisation Dashboard! Gain valuable Insights from your Visibility Grade and Opportunity Rating for every Search Traffic Category and Target Locations. Compare different target Locations as well as analyse your Competitors. Analysing 750 search terms, with each against 150 Web pages for your campaign, and identifying 500 search patterns and trends across m…

Expose Your Brand With Video Marketing

Your Brand Gets Better Exposure With Video Marketing In today’s fast-paced world, your potential customers would rather watch an informative and compelling 30 to 45 seconds of video than spend 15 to 20 minutes reading texts! An effective marketing tool, video can indeed communicate key points to your target audience very quickly. Watch this video marketing presentation: Videos can Effectively Drive your Online Campaigns Making your message get absorbed and remembered easily is the overall experience of visuals and sound. Do you know that search results on search engines like Google also display videos? Be great on your brand and make those searchers witness your videos whenever they do a local search for products and services in your area or when they search for your brand name. Allow your potential customers to experience your brand at a deeper level. Engage them much better with video marketing today. We can Help You Establish your Brand and become a Major Player in the Online Mark…

Online Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

Why Real Estate Professionals Need To Establish Their Online Presence Today Revenue from residential property sales in the UK account for a huge part of the overall economic revenue. According to recent statistics from Property Partner, residential property in the UK is now worth more than £5 trillion, and buy-to-let transactions add up to more than £20 billion annually. Moreover, residential property holds a dynamic percentage of the UK built environment. The UK built environment was worth £5,480bn, with residential estate representing roughly 87% (worth £4,670 billion). With the demand for residential property constantly growing, can home buyers find you when they search for an estate agent like yourself to assist them with their needs? Find out more on this featured infographic about how to market your real estate services online: Most of your prospective clients are turning to the Internet during their home-buying process. Your prospective clients are browsing property agents’ we…