Elements of Good SEO Content

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an online marketing strategy primarily focused on using certain keywords in website content. Appropriate content with a sufficient amount of keywords can help a company website gain top rankings in search engine results pages and possibly gain potential customers. Aside from using the right keywords, however, very few know the other criteria for good SEO content. Informative quality content and user-friendly techniques are as important as keyword optimisation when it comes to SEO content.

Informative Content

SEO writers must first understand that SEO is meant for readers, not for the search engines. Basically, SEO efforts are a waste if an article is optimised properly but terribly lacking in information. Customers would leave the website if they cannot get enough info about the company and the products or services they offer.

The quality of writing should not also be sacrificed for SEO content. A properly written article can establish business credibility and in turn readers may be intrigued enough to join the company's mailing list for newsletters and company updates.


While most SEO articles and blog posts require a specific tone in writing, it doesn't mean that the writer cannot make the content user-friendly. Customers prefer reading lists and bullet points than paragraph after paragraph with full text. A creative intro with interesting facts and information about the product can help SEO efforts succeed.


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