Pitfalls that a PPC Agency can Help You Avoid

Some people think that internet marketing is as simple as creating a good-looking website and reaching out to the world via messages and ads. Little do they know, carrying out such “simple” tasks can leave businesses prone to common marketing mistakes—especially when PPC (pay-per-click) adverts are involved. Such errors can be avoided with the help of a reliable PPC agency.

A common PPC marketing errors involves redirecting users who clicked on the adverts to the website’s homepage rather than a specific page. It’s simply a matter of convenience: internet users hate it when an advert sends them to the homepage because they then have to navigate through the entire website to get to where they want to go. Sending them to the website’s contact page is arguably even worse because it sends a somewhat condescending impression to internet users by supposedly “encouraging” them to sign up for newsletters before they can proceed.

Still another frequent mistake website owners commit is failing to test the effectiveness of their adverts in the first place. PPC engines work in different ways and, depending on how search engines perceive them, one engine can be more effective than the other. Sensible PPC agencies never fail to conduct “split-testing”, i.e. testing two PPC platforms side-by-side.


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