Assessing the Need for Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the new place where businesses are interacting. Social media interaction is more convenient because communication is made faster. Interesting content gets passed around by people, thus becoming ‘viral’.
However without a reliable social media manager or strategy, your plan may backfire. You should first asses why your business needs social media, and how it will benefit from it.

First, consider your customers. Identify where your customers are online. Once you find these out you can create content that you are sure your customers will see. You can also engage with them more and in turn, allow them to interact with you. And once you’ve established your online presence, you will become your customer’s go-to source.
The next step is to establish your theme, which is either awareness, loyalty, or sales. Consistency and simplicity is the best so try not to pick more than one. Your theme will determine how you will measure your strategy’s success. For example, if your theme is awareness, you’ll want to measure brand awareness, growth, likes, and shares. If sales, that would involve click rates, and social e-commerce sales. For loyalty, you’d want to measure sentiment, engagement, and influence.

And lastly before deciding to go to a social media agency, you should put your social media strategy in writing. This will allow you and your social media manager to review and rework your plans easily.


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