Money Talk: How Much Should You Pay For Your SEO?

At the end of the day, you run a business that must yield profits. Even small businesses find the need to hire an SEO marketing consultant to boost their presence online. It’s an expense that could give you a worthwhile return on your investment, but it’s an expense nonetheless. Know the going rate to make sure you’re paying a fair price.

There are three options for payment: a monthly retainer of services, an hourly pay for a consultation, or a project-based payment. If you’re looking to ask only a few things, you may want to agree on an hourly rate. Monthly payment is a consideration when your consultant has agreed to work with you on an extended basis where the consultant has agreed on specific deliverables, such as regular reports on site traffic and other SEO services. Project-based work will involve a more comprehensive account and website setup and audit, as well as a whole range of website design and optimisation services.

Monthly retainers can cost up to five thousand dollars depending on the services provided. Hourly consulting rates start at a hundred dollars and cut off at three hundred. Project-based work naturally offers the highest service fee, which can reach up to thirty thousand dollars, depending on the range of services agreed upon.

SEO work looks to longer term benefits. Determine the arrangement that should work to suit the needs of your company. If you opt for more regular service to get your provider to work on SEO implementation and adjustments, you might be able to get more bang out of your buck with a monthly retainer service.


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