Simple White Hat SEO Tips

So, you’ve put up your website and all other related online collaterals. What now? Frankly, you can’t just let them sit there in cyberspace to wait for what will come next. You have to make them seen. Fortunately, white hat SEO can do the trick.
Focus on on-page SEO. Don’t move on with content creation and social media just yet. Without a solid on-page SEO foundation, everything will be in vain. Make search engines crawl through your page by making it easy to navigate, and making sure that your pages are highly indexable by Google. Doing so will cause pages to rank gradually.

Build awareness with social media. If your on-site content is appealing, people will like it, share it, and link to it on various social media platforms. Capitalize on the real power of social media by crafting a good strategy before your site goes live, and implementing it from day one. If you’re not convinced with social media’s 24/7, worldwide reach, then you’re definitely missing out.
Post great content! Studies have shown that web surfers only stay on sites for less than a minute before clicking “close”. How to keep them on your site? Hook them up with great reads. If you do it right, then you’ll not only see increased site traffic – but also added sales and leads.

These tips might seem too simple, but they are all essential. Remember, SEO can only take you in two directions: up or down. It is entirely your choice. 


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