Getting Your Business on Google's Radar

The average Internet user may not be familiar with Google Places, but that doesn't make this local SEO medium any less important. The user doesn’t even have to go to Google Places to enjoy the benefits of this platform.

Over the years, Google’s search capabilities have greatly evolved and expanded. More than just returning search results, the search engine giant can now provide greater detail to the user, including pinpoint locations of a place being searched for. A query for “restaurant in London”, for example, can generate a Google map layout showing restaurants within the geotagged area.

This won't be possible without Google Places. Businesses who want to specifically direct their customers to their location need to enter their info on Google Places, so that the info comes out on a geotagged search. This practice can give a business, big or small, better web exposure particularly in the local market, allowing a level playing field for everyone.

Listing your business with Google Places is as simple as providing basic information: name of the business, address, and contact numbers. As per Google's quality guidelines, it's important to be accurate so as not to mislead users. In addition, since the search engine includes your contact number with the address, a landline number is preferable.

Whether you open a new restaurant or apparel store, don't forget to list the business online. In today's competitive market, you cannot afford to miss out on online marketing, or your competitor will leave you in the dust. 


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