Tracking your Online Reputation

Nothing can be worse than knowing that the next big thing going viral over the Internet is a clip of some scathing remarks about your business. Patch up the reputation wound by hiring online reputation management companies, and prevent further explosions from occurring by tracking your reputation online.

Google Alerts

Take advantage of Google Alerts to warn you of impending danger. The program works by notifying you if any new result comes up about a query or keyword you type into the system. This service can track everything from blog posts to videos and even news articles. Keep posted and upgrade your reputation management strategy accordingly.

Google Blog

Google also has a handy tool that lets you browse through varying blog posts that might have your business name written in red ink all over it. Since most people posting negative comments will do so through blogs, this is an invaluable tool for you. Use this by placing your URL and keywords into the Google Blog search bar and look at the results.


This website is a search engine for social media pages that can track everything from Twitter posts to Yelp reviews. If you want to make the notification system even easier, you should subscribe to mentions of your business name or website via RSS or email, as with Google Alerts.


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