Choosing your Business Categories Correctly

How many synonyms does the word "HVAC" have? There's heating, heater, air conditioning, air conditioner, ventilation, cooling, and ductwork, among others.

Exposure in one category alone won't be enough, especially in a competitive environment. Some don't know the term "HVAC," instead resorting to more understandable terms like "air conditioner" or "heater." If your business isn't categorised in either or both terms, you'll miss out on the potential for growth in your following.

However, there's a limit to how many categories you can put your business on. Google Places allows a listed business to choose up to five categories, with the first three being the most relevant. Going back to the HVAC example, the keyword's relevance will depend on the nature of your business. For instance: do you repair or sell HVAC systems?

As HVAC is an ambiguous category, your category must delve deeper. Are you an HVAC dealer or repair contractor? If you sell and repair HVAC systems, it's fine to have either "HVAC dealer" or "HVAC repair contractor" as your primary category. If you're an HVAC business, refrain from categorising your business as an appliance dealer since you only sell HVAC systems.

Proper categorisation prevents confusion on the part of the customer searching for services. Keep your categories simple and relevant for people to find you.


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