Online Marketing: Tips for SEO Blogging

Since content creation and management is one of the most important aspects of your SEO efforts, your site should have an efficient way of housing all those quality content. This is why most businesses put up blogs in their websites – to bulk up on search engine-friendly content that’s also informative and relevant to their business.

Keyword Density

Make sure that your content has just the right amount of keyword insertion or repetition – too little and it might not be enough to make an impression, but too much and it gets flagged as spam. The key is to insert the keywords as naturally as possible without sacrificing the quality of the write-up.

Avoid Flash and Embedded Videos

The thing about Flash media and embedded videos is that they more or less just weigh down your site, slowing down your prospective customer’s browsing time. Moreover, these media will have little to no effect on your SEO, since search engine “crawlers” primarily index text within a web page to put up the site in search results.

Content Good Enough to Build Links

If you manage to write great content, people will read it, they will post it on social media sites, or they might even link back to it somewhere in their own websites. Link building makes for excellent SEO, and it expands the places where your prospective customers could find access to your site. This can be done of course, by writing quality, relevant content that your customers are sure to appreciate.


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