Reputation Management Tips: Dealing with Negatives

As much as you want to please everyone you deal with, there will always be people who have something bad to say about you. This is especially true if you visit review websites and social networks and you’re on the receiving end of the negative feedback. You can either do something about it or leave it alone, but while the latter is obviously more convenient, ignoring the negatives isn’t exactly prudent on your part.

Online content, positive or negative, don’t exactly go away for a long time. In a way, you can turn this to your advantage by publishing content that is favourable to you and make it so that it can redirect internet traffic away from negative content. Have someone analyse every published work, comment, and article pertaining to you; something that can be done by a marketing expert specialising in reputation management. This way, you can have a better idea on the public’s general perception about you, considering all the good and the bad.

Other than that, you need to be careful about how you respond to the negatives directed to you. Acting too defensively may cause people to have doubts about your competence, while acting too complacently simply leaves the negatives to persist.


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