Factors that affect Online Reputation

The Internet has allowed people from opposite sides of the globe to interact and communicate in real time without exacting a heavy toll on their finances. Unfortunately, this also means that businesses trying to build their reputation online can get it destroyed in a day, and often, without grounds. This makes it important for companies to always be on the lookout for bad press.

It’s always important that companies reach out to their target market; why else would they take their business online in the first place. Businesses should be able to respond to emails or comments that they get from satisfied and unsatisfied customers alike.

Complaints Sections
Companies that welcome complaints as much as compliments when it comes to their products and services try to keep an objective view of customer feedback, with the end of trying to make their products and services better for their customers. This is preferable to an approach where sites only publish good comments, while striking out the negative. What companies should remember is that having a complaints section in their sites helps keep bad press in check, as customers are encouraged to vent in the proper forum than having their complaints on display all over the Internet.

Another factor to watch out for is how a business would respond to complaints and negative comments. Complaining customers who are met with sincere apologies, admission of guilt, offers of reparation or compensation, and an overall professional tone of explanation, usually end up empathizing with the offending company. Take note that angry responses and aggressive rebuttals only end up becoming viral, fanning the blaze on the issue that a company would rather expunge.


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