How Not to Waste Your PPC Budget

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can be one of the most efficient online marketing strategies for you. For one, you no longer have to compete with millions of other pages, the way you have to in doing SEO. However, the main problem you will be facing in your PPC campaign are clickers who don’t walk away with a purchase. Here are some tips that could help you save money in this case:

Decrease your chances of wasted clicks by making sure that your PPC campaign is aimed only at the locations where you’re actually doing business. Look into geo-location features of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, which tracks users based on their IP addresses.

Offer and Deliver
What are you offering or presenting to potential clients in your PPC ads? Make sure that your ad message is clear, be it a discount, major promotion, event, etc. This way, your clients know exactly what to expect should they click on your ad. This can also serve as an efficient deterrent for any clicks that don’t add up to your return-on-investment.

Complex Keywords

Reel in committed purchasers by making your keywords a bit more complex. Try the long-tail method that uses keywords of up to three to four words. This is based on the presumption that people looking up more specific items (a 2014 Ford Escape, for instance) are more likely to be on the brink of sealing the deal on a purchase than those using generic terms (Ford cars).


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