How to Effectively Use Keywords in SEO

Keywords are the building blocks of search engine optimisation (SEO). Once the keywords are typed in a search box, search engines crawl through the web to find the most relevant content directly related with the keywords themselves. Companies looking to invest in SEO must first use their keywords right – but how? Here are a few tips.

Choose the keywords. Keywords should be the same terms target audiences will use when searching for a company’s products and services. Using tools like Google AdWords is a good start. From there, companies can shortlist keywords from the results according to their competition. KWs with low competition and high searches are the most ideal.
Know where to place them. To effectively make use of keywords, they must be put in the right spots in content. Such places are the title tag, title proper, meta description (aka meta tag), and the first few paragraphs of the content.

Know the right density. Keywords should be balanced by other relevant web content. An ideal density is between 2% to 4%, which can easily be determined by breaking content using word count. For example, achieving a 2% density requires a keyword to be included 2 times for every 100 words in the content. Anything less, and search engines would overlook your optimisation effort. 


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