Putting Facebook in the SMO Lead

Admit it: almost everyone you know has a Facebook account. Your parents, colleagues─ even the pub down the street from your place will have a Facebook account of some sort. When your business is also aiming to reach for a bigger slice of the customer pie, opening your own fan page may help, but with some slight modifications. 

Content is what will help drive traffic over to your business. On the fan page itself, you must ensure all of the material, especially the particulars, is up to date. It will be important to list down the content links to your website on the Timeline. Each website will have a number of tabs on the Facebook page and organizing them will be vital to your marketing thrust. If you are using the fan page and the content links to bring in customers to your website, the website link tab must be one of the first visible when you check out the page. 
Facebook cover photos can grab the customer’s attention at first sight. As such, you need quality resolution photos of the business’ location up on the cover instead of grabbing stock images. Some marketing experts may recommend photos of your business in action or ads of your latest promo.


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