The Dos and Don'ts in White Hat SEO Strategies

White hat techniques for SEO should consider a human audience and not merely automated algorithms. Once a company accomplishes this, the target market or potential customers will appreciate a company’s website and therefore visit it often. Here are some basic pointers in using white hat SEO strategies:

Do post great content, but don't stop there.

Well-written original and relevant content definitely contributes to meeting your online marketing goals. However, great content is not the only component of white hat SEO. Consider other tools or strategies, such as integration of your industry’s most searched keywords and proper link building.

Don't use spammy keywords, but do use organic keywords.

Avoid being wiped out from the first pages of search engines, which can happen with aggressive black hat technique of propagating spammy keywords. Instead of abundantly filling your website pages with senseless repetitive phrases, integrate keywords organically or naturally into your content.

Do build links, but don't rely on self-created link building.

Link building by being featured or shared by other sites increases awareness on your website or content. Some websites, blogs, digital magazines, and social media pages do this practice on their own, but you can also do an “outreach” to give them gentle suggestions. Having self-created links or references on your website and others may work collectively, but the search engine algorithms devalue and even penalise this type of link building.


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