A Quick Look at How Search Engine Optimisation Works

Google is among the most visited websites on the Internet. Many internet users visit Google first to locate other websites that contain the information they need. The search engine giant, as well as the websites providing information, somehow found this practice helpful for their growth. Google decides to turn such activity into a virtual game of thrones, where webpages linking to their source websites are ranked according to the type and quality of information they provide.

In judging the content of each webpage, Google implements a well-defined compendium of algorithms. These are requirements that websites should meet to earn a rank in the search engine results page (SERP). Google also uses these algorithms to penalise websites that try to game its system.

Google indexes webpages through crawlers, computer programs that visits and review webpages for relevant information. These robot-type programs are preset to compare content against the algorithms to determine their level of relevance and timeliness. One of the criteria they look for in a webpage is the presence of keywords in the right places.

In a nutshell, a webpage with a high-quality content and properly positioned keywords to have a high spot in the SERP. Also, there are other important elements that a webpage must have to increase its rank, including link analysis. If many websites link to the webpage for the same purpose of taking advantage of its unique content, Google will very likely put it at the top of the SERP.


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