Web Auditing: Essential Service from an SEO Agency

Illnesses can only be treated effectively with the help of a thorough diagnosis, and this principle can also be applied to websites. A reliable SEO agency can be counted on to provide what is known as a ‘web auditing’ service, the online marketing equivalent of getting an annual check-up from the local sawbones. Much like a medical check-up, web audits need to be conducted at least once a year.

A web audit essentially examines every feature of the website, from content to coding, with the hopes of finding any defects that could have been missed out by a quick visual inspection. These include broken links, redundant webpages, poor grammar, and improper web layout.
That said, web audits are a lot more complicated than they sound. They also tend to take things a step higher by testing a webpage’s lead generation and social media capabilities as well. To put it into perspective, a beautifully-designed and informative webpage can still be considered “bad” if it doesn’t attract as many visitors as it should nor generate much buzz on Facebook.

Depending on the results of the audit, a website might need some minor tweaks or a complete overhaul to improve its effectiveness. Regardless of the actions that need to be done afterward, pages that fared terribly in the audit should be prioritised for such improvements.


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