Journalists Vs Bloggers – Who Does Better In Inbound Marketing?

Content providers utilising inbound marketing techniques
Content providers utilising inbound marketing techniques
Content marketing is the main key in creating effective UK inbound marketing. In order to attract more clients, a business should provide or share informative details about their product or services. However, competition is also stiff. Most businesses are also using similar strategy as yours. If you want to outshine these competitors, you need to create content that will definitely attract them.

Content is food. If you are the chef, you need to make sure that you will be serving a specialty that others don’t have. Fortunately, you can easily outsource it if you are not good at content creation and marketing. Although you can find a large number of providers, hiring a trained journalist would be the best option.

Why News on Tabloids is a BIG HIT?

Wonder how The Daily Mail and The Sun succeed in catching readers’ attention? Behind this two most renowned tabloids in the UK are journalists and experienced writers. According to a study, journalists are in the best position to synthesise information, uphold the critical editorial standards, and of course, catches the readers’ attention.

There are already hundreds of bloggers who have talents in writing, but they have only a few audience. Question is why? Bloggers only provide great content, but it does not contain a marketing technique. Conversely, journalists know the content promotions strategy including the writing, structure, formation, and sources of information.

Needless to say, typical news can be viral because journalists know how to hit the readers using the tabloids. They know who their audiences are; they know how to spice up a boring and simple data. Journalists have the edge and they have high standards for quality. They have the discipline to meet deadlines and also know the editing processes. Lastly, journalists are expert writers, which is very essential in content marketing.

The only downside of journalists is that they are not familiar with SEO, keyword research, and analytics and measurement of content performance. Can you notice the difference between the news posted online and news on tabloids? When you search for news on the internet, you usually land to various blog sites. You still have to click that News button on your search engine in order to find the news you are looking for. Whereas news on tabloids catches the readers’ attention right away by just seeing the headlines bolded in black Arial letters, then the news became phenomenal.

Bottom-line is, journalists simply have the capability to sensationalise a current issue without using the algorithms and analytics. Their expertise in writing is truly the reason why news is a big hit in the market.

Attracting customers through Inbound Marketing
Attracting customers through Inbound Marketing
Power Branding Using the Media

Combining the expertise in blogging and conventional concept of media, this can ultimately help for power branding specifically in the form of content marketing. Bloggers have the latest tools on how to optimise a content and make it searchable on the internet whilst media has the exceptional skills in writing a quality content.

Media has the edge to create a headline. Yet, they don’t have the virality to create one. With the integration of blogger’s expertise, using click-through rates and likelihood of sharing, power branding is possible.

Media provides high-quality standards in writing, however, they most likely write a wall of text. On the other hand, online readers are usually scanners. In fact, only 28 percent of the entire content is being read. In order to use their writing skills, they must know how to keep the reader going by using the right formation and writing technique such as sub headers, short paragraphs, bullet lists, and internal links.

Media is also a perfect content marketer, but they are not optimisers. In order to deliver a power branding, they must know the competition, measure the demand and know how to research target phrases. With the right knowledge, they must know which performs better in search engines. After all, media is a fast learner.

No doubt, media can be a great performer in the inbound marketing because they are trained to create first-rate content. They just need to learn how analytics and measurement of content performance affect power branding. Analytics is known to be the holy grail in marketing a brand in order to drive a better ROI.

Content Marketing through Media

So, how will you apply media’s techniques for your content? Content plays a vital role in inbound marketing. It can be intimidating, but it is necessary if you want to drive more traffic and gain better ROI in the near future.

To start off, determine your audience. Media always classifies their audience base on their news. No matter how virtuous you are with writing, if you have no good grasp of knowing your own audience, you are just like a person yelling nonsense in the wind in a busy corner. You can study and learn how your competitors get into the market. You can modify or perhaps improvise what they did in order to target a specific audience.

Secondly, consult an expert. Typically, most journalists choose to interview experts depending on the topic assigned to them. Talking to an expert will help you understand more details about inbound marketing. This will add informational values to your ideas.

Next is write down your mission statement and goals you wish to attain for your content. Brainstorming is always the best way to create a quality content. It can be helpful if you jot down what you want to happen for your content then add SEO techniques afterwards in order to optimise. Make a draft of your ideas and always perform a thorough research. Always remember that successful people reached their peak not because they do it alone, they did it through others’ insane ideas.

Lastly, pick your best ideas and start drawing up an editorial calendar on how your content can be shaped. You can hire journalists or any person engaged in the media to make your content promotional.
Remember, the news world is now facing its uncertainty and inbound marketing offers a chance to complement the media’s vagueness, journalists are a perfect fit to help branding your content.

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