Apps Abound for Inbound Marketing

Useful apps for inbound marketing strategy

Before the boom of internet marketing agencies, traditional outbound marketing has always focused on spending more to earn more. This invests a significant amount of your capital and earnings to attracting customers, which, while effective, can set you and your business back if you simply haven’t the money.

Advertisers and industry experts have pondered for a long time to prevent significant loss, and inbound marketing was devised out of the tools that have emerged as a way to find information online. Studying the algorithms and the behaviour that people have in regards to surfing the Internet, receiving information, and even in how they use social media, makes for a more intelligent and compelling content marketing strategy.

It is revolutionary in the fact that you no longer need to spend so much to attract customers. There are many sources online in which people utilise every day, such as social networking sites, forums, and blogs. These places are a great way for you to reach out to a wider audience.

Control inbound marketing online through apps

Messaging Apps

Email apps are important in trying to get your messages sent across different platforms. Apps for Gmail and Yahoo! Mail can make it possible for you to check multiple accounts at once, as long as you’ve previously signed in from each one.

Apart from that, there are messaging apps that act like text messaging from your mobile, but using your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection instead. These include WhatsApp, Viber, and Kik, all with customisable groups and contact lists to make communicating with suppliers, customers, and colleagues a breeze.

Apps for Inspiration

Managing several social media accounts at once can be very time consuming, especially if you want something to come out in real time. Fortunately, there are apps now that see to this need.

Hootsuite has a free version that allows you to have a certain number of social media accounts post the same message simultaneously. This is a godsend for those who have a growing media following and would need to save time in handling their accounts.

Blogging apps also have features where you can stagger and schedule posts at your leisure. Even when you are otherwise preoccupied, you can create a stream of posts at a steady pace that allows customers to be satiated with content from your blog.

Scrapbooking sites like Pinterest can help you gather ideas for your next post. Content writing is very difficult when you’re running out of ideas, so a good technique is to have a ready-made board of things that inspire you and are related to the inbound marketing task at hand. Say you’re asked to write for a veterinary surgeon. You can use apps like that to gather the information and keep them all in one place as you type, allowing you to free yourself from the creation of apps.

Apps for Everyday

There are different kinds of applications online that prove helpful in any business, especially in regards to their content marketing strategies. When looking to establish an online presence within and outside of your brand, utilising these will make for a great addition.

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